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a reflection upon the new project with various implementations...

Highly present-day and with a practical spirit, the project “A World of Colours” is promoted by town councillor Carla di Sante Panzino, member of Immigration Policies from Pescara Town Hall. The project will soon be launched and aims at introducing linguistic and cultural mediators in elementary and medium schools, in order to facilitate the entrance and stay of foreign children in these schools.
The project, in my humble opinion, could be implemented in sports laboratories, because sports have always been a means of getting together and confrontation and, subsequently, a means of integration.
By means of sports, children are able to understand the goal of having a common objective; beyond this objective the differences of ethnicity, religion and skin colour vanish, while assonances and the desire of doing things together is amplified.
By organizing some small tours, there are also achieved the requirements regarding family meetings, which are fundamentally important for a complete integration.
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