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What do we really want to say when along with the word and the concept of immigration we put the word and the concept of “resource”, what type of resource are we talking about, or maybe we should say “salvation”?

Last Monday, for the first time in a very long time, or maybe for the first time ever, the immigrants went out in the market and complained about their precarious conditions regarding their work, remuneration, treatment; they stopped in order to make us understand a large part of our economy stops without them, and they succeeded!
It is true that many factories manage to resist due to this indispensable manpower, which goes down or rises to do the hardest and most humiliating jobs, that many Italians have not ever met and maybe they will never do; this is not to speak of our elderly! What would we do what the dear “nurses” who take care of them in sickness and in health?
But I am asking myself and I am asking you: is it fair to continue on considering the immigrants as a resource, as a salvation anchor for our economy? Don’t we risk cutting the wings of so many immigrants and thinking that a foreigner can only be a nurse or work in a factory?
To think of a man or a woman as a resource means to appreciate them at 360 degrees, in its wholeness, its essence, to understand that this leads us to a new point of view, a new culture, to share life experiences (and believe me, immigrants have many to tell about life!), to share my values and maybe acquire new ones! It means not to look at my manager differently, whether it is an Italian or a foreigner!
The sentence that I often hear: “It is a blessing that they are immigrants” I completely share it but for the reasons I mentioned above and not only because they, thank God, help developing our economy!
(di Barbara Angelucci - Traduzione di Dinca Ionela Adriana - del 2010-03-27) articolo visto 1413 volte