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How much does it count today for a mediator to be qualified? What professional titles are we talking about? How much does the experience in this field count?

For the last few years we have faced various changes in the field of intercultural mediation, changes that result from methodological approaches, to the appearance of new professional qualifications; these changes definitely tell us that mediation will have more autonomy and importance, it becomes an occupation in itself, separated from other social professions, a new profession with specific characteristics.
This evolution refers to various cultural mediators, especially to those that have been working in this field for several years, without being qualified or specialized; many mediators are actually foreigners, who bear the difficulty of the migration experience; they are available to other foreigners in order to help them guide themselves in the world of bureaucracy and migration legislation and they have collected a large experience during all these years; experience is the fundamental element for a mediator, but is it enough? It is enough, of course, in practice, if experienced mediators are very efficient in managing the situations and always keep themselves updated with the laws, as well as in the plan of professional recognition; if we want to reach professional autonomy, to have a national register, an union of methods at national level and then provide a security methodology to all our users, to know that the mediator from Milan operates just like the one from Catania, we cannot ignore the professional and qualification title. Like all social professions, the mediator has to have its own ethical code, a qualification degree recognized at national level, will always want to have a register and enjoy all the rights of social professions, to benefit from an economic treatment protected by a national collective agreement, otherwise he/she will continue to operate in an non-uniform, free-professional environment, guided by his/her own experience, with no protection. This is why in order to approach new licences, master courses, regional qualifications are being developed which I think should be taken seriously by all those that want to enrich their professional experience with theoretical and methodological bases and obviously by those that are getting closer to the profession starting with the main theoretical elements that will have to improve through their own experience, which I repeat is of fundamental importance.
(di Barbara Angelucci - Traduzione di Dinca Ionela Adriana - del 2010-05-04) articolo visto 2331 volte