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For the occasion her second album “I feel so good” has been presented to the Italian public (exclusive interview)

Virginie Teychené represented the big surprise of “Pescara Jazz” latest edition, resulted in a great audience success and critics some days ago.
“Pescara Jazz” has always been one of the most important festivals in the world: all the big stars coming from all over the world have performed here over the course of thirty-eight editions done up to now.
This year, Virginie, almost unknown to the Italian public, has enchanted the audience in an elegant and refined concert thanks to her persuasive and wonderful voice that reminds of the brilliant voices of the best Jazz tradition.
Virginie starts singing when she was a child: her models are Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson, but also male singers like Chet Baker and Frank Sinatra. Incredibly self-taught, by listening to their music she started to acquire the right vocal technique and to know the Afro-American vocal art.
In 2003 she decided to dedicate herself completely to passion for jazz: through the Workshop Experience she got in contact with the greatest musicians of the filed. The first concerts and the first big experiences started out: during a festival in La Seyne sur Mer she captured the attention of critics who defined her music a joyful style, the combination of genuine emotions and dynamic improvisation.
In 2007 Virginie released her first album, “Portraits”, long-waited in France, as well as in Europe and America. In the following year she performed in the most famous festivals all over the world.
Few months ago “I feel so good”, her second masterpiece, has been released. The album contains fourteen tracks revealing the mature side of Virginie who’s able to range from standards widely known and original songs, mold by her marvelous voice.
Today she’s not only an excellent singer, but also a phenomenal jazz woman and an extraordinary liver performer.

Exclusively for the readers of L’Opinionista, here’s an interview with Virginie Teychené, made before her wonderful performance in Pescara (listen to the interview).

Let’s talk about your new tour and the reason why you have chosen “Pescara Jazz” for your first appearance in Italy.
R - “In this live tour there are songs included in my two records and unpublished ones I never perfumed before, so it’s a mixture between the two things. I’m here at “Pescara Jazz” because it’s one of the most important festivals in the world and Mr Lucio Fumo is a very nice person and this marked my decision as well”.

Many critics say you’re the new star of jazz: do you really feel this responsibility?
R - “I would like you to know that I’m not that famous and I don’t feel like a star! Every year people tend to create new idols and after a little time there’s already someone else to replace them. Obviously it’s a good thing they say of me and I really appreciate it. I want my voice and my songs to hold up in time, “star” to me is just a simple word!”

How would you describe your records: “Portraits” and “I feel good” and what differentiates them in your opinion?
R - “In the second album there’s a new drummer and then there are original songs together with anthems and I think it’s a more mindful work than the previous one”.

When and how did you decide to become a singer?
R - “I haven’t decided to be a singer. I’ve been singing since I was a child and I’ll always do it because I love it!”.

Do you have someone who inspires you? Like for instance some of the greatest jazz singers?
R - “I have a lot of models: first of all Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson, Dinah Washington, but also male voices like Chet Baker, Joao Gilberto, Frank Sinatra”.

What do you expect from Italian audience and in particular from the one of Pescara? Is this your first time in this city?
R - “I’m really happy to be here because many famous celebrities performed in this festival before me. I hope you’ll like my music and I’d like you to compare what you hear from me with what you heard before, you might discover something new, something original you didn’t expect, you’ll be surprised and as a consequence you’ll appreciate me”.

Virginie Teychené: a big artist who’s really astonished everyone with her wonderful voice as well as with her simplicity and beauty… she’ll be the talk of the town for a long time!
A special thank to Lucio Fumo, President of the Manifestation Board of Pescara and from time immemorial real soul of “Pescara Jazz” festival, who made this interview possible.
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