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A funny, honest, daring girl who will have a house in Italy one day

A new star is shining brighter and brighter in the sky of the soap opera. Her name is Jacqueline, she was born in April ’87 and her character is now taking the stage and stealing the show of the wonderful actresses of Bold and Beautiful. She represents the alternative after so many years of the successful couple Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) - Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo).
A career started early and a series of circumstances have launched the sweet and sensual Canadian actress between cinema and TV shows.
In Italy we are appreciating her particularly in the role of Steffy, Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss) and Taylor (Hunter Tylo)’ daughter. She’s getting inside the part of Logans’ antagonist.
This is an interview to find out what is hidden under the mask the brilliant actress of the soap is wearing.

When did you first feel the dream of becoming an actress?
I was 4 and my mom was watching an old movie with Brigit Bardot.  I started to copy her body language and accent to my moms laughter and told her one day I am going to do that!!  

At the early age of 23 you have appreared in so many tv shows like „Runaway“ or „Turn the Beat Around“. Which one of these experiences has been the most rewarding and why?
I have been very lucky and enjoyed continual work in entertainment industry but the BB will always hold a special place in my heart.  Working daily on the BB is incredibly rewarding as it is shown around the world and the fan base is so diverse and loyal. 

Since 2008 you’ve been part of the cast of  The Bold and the Beautiful, one of the most popular shows, getting the scene and winning the audience preference every day. What can you tell us about how it all started, and how was working with the other actors like?
 Brad Bell is the reason I am here he is a dynamic and visionary he has managed to sustain BB all these years with the incredible talent of KKL, Susan Flannery, John McCook, Hunter Tylo and Ronn Moss.  All the seasoned actors on the show are generous and fun to work with...  everyday I go on set with them I feel humbled.

Steffy is extremely determined and confident. Are you like that in every day life?
 Yes and No.  I am like Steffy as far as persistence for what she believes is right and not being follower of someone else's vision but her own.  Other than that I am more in tune with my faults and much more empathetic of other people feelings unlike steffy. 

Which one of  your castmates on The Bold and the Beautiful is the nicest and is there anyone of them you found particularly difficult to work with?
 They are all fantastic to work with.  I have the most fun doing scenes with Hunter and Kelly.  We laugh a lot!!!!  

Behind the scenes of the set there’s another world. Can you describe a typical day?
 Make up, rehearsal, tons of practical jokes about our dialogue and then action baby!!!  

You’re currently working in 3D Final Destination 5. What is you role in the movie and how is the shooting going?
Shooting was amazing. I did most of my own stunts, that was a blast to do. We shot the movie in 3D which was very different for me.  I played Olivia Castle an outgoing, rocker chick who says what she means character.   

Could you describe Jacqueline and Steffy by using three adjectives?
 Jacqui - funny, honest and daring.  Steffy - ambitious, cunning and lonely.  

Do you believe in true love? What do you expect from the future and what can the future expect from you?  
Yes I believe in true love and hope I find it and sustain it one day.  I believe in dreams but don't dream my life away.  I am a doer and take one step at a time towards my goals.  

If you had to describe your beauty as “sensual” or “innocent”, which of the two would you think is more accurate?
 Innocent for now.   Sensuality in a woman is something you grow, develop and master over time.  Sophia Loren now she is the most sensual woman in the world!!!!  

Can you tell us something about Italy? What do you think of our country?
 When I came to Italy last summer I fell madly in love with the people, the culture and the language.  Mark my words one day I will have home here.
(di Alessandro Gulizia - Translation from English edited by Grace Russo - del 2010-12-28) articolo visto 10386 volte