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The fourth installment of Tom Cruise's spy saga, "Mission Impossible" is set to open in theaters on 27 January

"Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol" is a classic Hollywood production filled with action and special effects. The script has elements of drama, mystery and comedy as Tom Cruise's lead character is on a mission to clear his name of murder and terrorist charges.
The story centers on Cruise's reprised character, Ethan Hunt, who fights to save the reputation of his agency, the IMF (Impossible Missions Force), a fictional independent espionage agency of the United States government created for the original television series of "Mission Impossible" that began in the 1960's.
During a secret mission to infiltrate the private Moscow Kremlin archives, a bomb destroys the Kremlin. Ethan Hunt is arrested and accused of conspiring to plan the attack. The IMF takes Hunt from Moscow and the Russians declare the attack an act of war, which prompts the president of the United States to activate the secret contingency, "Ghost Protocol". Hunt and his colleagues are ordered to take the blame for the attack, but they will be allowed to escape from government custody so that they can find the people who are indeed responsible for the attack on the Kremlin.
What ensues is a fast-paced spy thriller that will leave you at the edge of your seat. Director, Brad Bird, who makes his live-action debut after directing three very successful animated films: "Ratatouille," "The Incredibles" and "Iron Giant", has succeeded in making an entertaining film that breathes new life into the modern-day series that began 15 years ago. Many of "Ghost Protocol's" action scenes were shot with a special 65 millimeter IMAX camera, which give an exceptional sense of reality to the action sequences. There are a total of 27 minutes of Imax footage in the film, and each minute has a strong influence on the complete impact of the film on the audience.
Chances are you won't be moved emotionally by any profound stories here, but if you are looking to be entertained by the fast paced, adventurous life of Tom Cruise's character and some outrageous Hollywood effects, this is the film for you.
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Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol”
Photo by: David James/Paramount Pictures

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